Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hillwood Estate, Museum, & Gardens

In June, I visited the Hillwood Estate/Mansion/Gardens with some of my favorite women! Myself, my mom, Kevin's mom, my mom's cousin Ann, and Bethany spent the day there. 

The house and gardens belonged to Marjorie Merriweather Post and she was the heir to the Post cereal fortune.  I first heard about the mansion due to their exhibit on Marjorie's 3 wedding dresses, as well as those of her daughters.  The Belle's exhibit was beautiful, but was such a small part of what they had to offer.  We also had lunch, enjoyed the gardens, and went on a guided tour of the house.  I think that we all agreed we could have sat on the lawn and enjoyed the flowers for hours on end.  It must have been a tough life (kidding). 

Some people may disagree with me - but that house is cluttered! I have spent quite a bit of time at other houses turned museums, but this one is a mess.  Oh, and I can't talk about the house without mentioning the overly pink bathroom/dressing room mess going on in Marjorie's bedroom. 

Regardless of my personal opinion, it was a really great day, and a fun excuse to drive down to DC and visit my best friend! Next up - bringing the best friend to the Brandywine Valley! 

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  1. You name the date and time and I'll be there!

    BTW- I completely agree about the house and especially that pink bedroom/closet mess that was going on.


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