Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sweet Sweet Summatime

I can't wait - to enjoy this amazing summer, with my even more wonderful friends. In case you care - here are the reasons my spring/summer is going to rock my socks::::::

May 21/22 - Twin visit, Soap Box Derby, god daughter spoil time - She really is the cutest baby ever, here is proof:
Give her about 10 years, she'll be next!

Plus, I had a cute date for the Derby!

And the driver himself!

June 3/4/5 - Pittsburgh with friends JG & KG (I'll tell you about the initials sometime) and god daughter spoil time, plus Phillies vs Pirates baseball - This was fun, I owe you an update all about this trip.  I'll get there someday!

June 11/12 - baby shower... I can't believe we're old enough to make babies!
June 23 - visiting my favorite SAHM in MD (on a Thursday, omg)
June 25 - DC with Mommy & Best Friend
July 9 to 17 - Vacation in Maine!!  
July 30/31 - Bachelorette madness & bridal shower fun
August 4 - Bestest's Wedding Anniversary (yo, you've been married for 4 years!?!)
August 6 - Bachelorette madness x2
August 20 - first free weekend all summer!  DC with hubby & siblings in law for Phils/Nats
September 5 - Wedding Anniversary (2 years?!)
September 10 - 3rd wedding of 2011
September 17 - 4th wedding of 2011

Be jealous, it's really okay. 
<3 J

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  1. I'm honored that I'm on that list a few times. :) Can't wait for June 25th! And the 4 year thing still boggles my mind....I can't believe it's been two years for you guys either.


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