Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today I:

I'm going to write this post on Tuesday night, and schedule it for Wednesday morning.  Both Monday night and Tuesday night, I had the intention to come home and workout at the end of the day.  Except - at the end of 12 hour workday, at 7pm - I need to make dinner, and get ready for the next day.

But I've decided that I've had enough of the excuses, excuses from myself.  It's not as though I'm overweight, or even really that out of shape.  But - I know that I can be in better shape.  And I know that I should take better care of myself! I mean really, I'm 25 - I should be in the best shape of my life, right?

So back to the point of this post.  It's 9:56 right now, and I'm going to get ready for bed.  I'm going to go to bed now, and set my alarm for 6am.  And at 6am, I am going to get up and workout in my basement.  I haven't decided yet if I'm going to do my kettle bell workout or ride my bike.  Either way, I'll be in the basement from 6 - 6:30, and then get myself ready for work.  Wish me luck.

Hopefully I'll be working out when this post goes up at 6.  Otherwise, I'm going to look like an ass for posting this, and wimping out.

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  1. I did it! 40 minutes of Kettle Bells! So proud of myself, I may try and get up early again on Friday! Woo!


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