Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stupid Livingroom - Post 2

As instructed by my ever intelligent best friend, I took photos of all of the remixing I did on the shelves and console in the living room.  I know I'm going to finally get the downstairs to where I want it to be, and then we'll be moving - but I'll take it while I can get it.

There are 4 different photos of the console, and 4 different photos of the shelves.  The ivory vase/milk jars are new - I bought them at TJ Maxx, but I'm not sure if I like how they seem to blend into the wall.  If they're a no-go, then they'll be returned.

*Also, the random tea lights will need to be replaced with votives, but I seem to have burnt all of mine, so forgive my sad stand-in tea lights*

...this is the only issue with men having no opinion, I end up moving stuff around 500 times, and they still think it looks mostly the same. Ack!


  1. You finally found a console. It looks good!

    So have you decided on the placement of everything or are you looking for suggestions? :)

  2. Suggestions - aka, please pick for me. You always were the better barbie house decorator :)

  3. I just realized I never responded. Sorry! Forgive me?

    This is what I would do. I like Shelf 3, but on the right side, switch the candle on the middle shelf and the 1 piece of pottery on the bottom shelf. Take a picture and let us see that. It might work.

    For the console, to be honest I'm not sure I love any of them. I like the picture of your brother, so I would say play around with that layout some more.


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