Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Anger Management - Shredder Style

 Our shredder very kindly stopped working in the middle of my husband shredding all documents we had been stock-piling for several months.

I decided I was smart enough/handy enough to tackle at least taking it apart and making sure nothing was stuck inside of it.  Should be easy enough, right?

Please ignore the Vicky's catalog, I was trying to test shred something while tinkering (i swear).
 Except I was unable to fix it, so Kevin tried to fix it, thinking he could do something I was unable to.  Which he was, it involved actually taking the workings apart, and electrical junk.

This was still not successful, and actually ended with Kevin taking the shredder outside and smashing it with the baseball bat.  So, he got his aggression out, and I need to go to Wal-Mart now. Awesome. RIP Shredder.

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