Saturday, February 12, 2011

Date Framing

New DIY project - I'm so in love with this one, I might actually complete it.  I found it at Frame The Date - oh yes, these people are ridiculously creative! As opposed to the DIY re-do our bedroom project that has exploded to 317 photos in a file labeled "bedroom needs help", but not actually resulted in any purchasing, sewing, or curtains.

Regardless - I'm going to find background paper at Michael's, either Google or neighborhood stalk my way to our wedding date, and get this bad boy finished and on the wall! I think I'm going to stick with black and white so it will go with everything, I just need to determine the logistics of photo size and frame size!  And, if I can figure it out - this might be a go-to gift, although a little difficult to use as a wedding gift, since I won't have the photo.  But whatevs.  Logistics later, creativity now.

Numbers... who knew they could be so cute?

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