Monday, February 7, 2011

2011: The Year of Weddings (Numero Uno)

Have you ever heard people say "you're that age where everyone (fill in the blank)"?

I used to tease a friend of mine, because every year for her was the year that everyone got married - I mean, this girl had like 5 weddings every year! Welp, that girl is getting married (got married now) and so are 3 of our other friends! Yeppers, 4 weddings in 2011.  Hint: that means I'd better not get surprised with any more!

Lori & John - January 29th. 

Beautiful Bride, Wonderful Vows, Great Party, Oustanding Band - Oh and a photo booth!

7 people in our pew: cozy
The Reverend had a great message, about the 4 layers of the rings and what they all mean.
Mr & Mrs John Gebert, Jr!
 Oh, and let me tell you who my favorite dancing partner was at the party - Pop-Pop! Lori's grandfather is quite a good time, let me tell you! Oh here, you can check him out for yourself!

I think we clean up pretty nicely though... if I do say so myself

...and Good Night! 3 weddings to go

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