Wednesday, February 9, 2011

200 : 100 Challenge

Self admittedly, I need a goal to motivate me.  Running over the summer would never have happened if I wasn't training for the Baltimore Half Marathon.  I just have a hard time without a set workout schedule,  and I'm okay with that.

Goals for 2011 may include a bike ride or two and some running.  However, in addition to not being able to motivate myself, I also am a total sissy about being in the cold.  Enter: Winter Goal for 2011. 

200 : 100
TwoHundredSquats : OneHundredPushups

The challenges are 6 weeks and are set-up the same.  There is an initial test where you do as many squats/push ups as you can to failure, and then you use that number to determine which column you'll operate out of.  There are Progress Tests (test to failure) at the end of weeks 2, 4, 5, and the final test at the end of week 6. 
Both programs are set for working out 3 days per week, so my days will be Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  My real goal is to do these in addition to riding my bike 2 - 3 days a week, but as we all know - snow and/or work can throw a real wrench into those plans.  If nothing else, the sets shouldn't take more than 10/15 mins, and even I can make time for that!

I am super excited to give this a shot, and we'll see where I end up in 6 weeks! I'll try to keep you updated as I go along - anyone interested in trying it out with me?
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  1. are u from baltimore ? me too! I am training for a 5k. i can't imagine doing a marathon i'd die

  2. Not from Baltimore, from outside of Philadelphia though, so not too far! A full-marathon is more than just a one day race, it is a serious day to day commitment. I trained for the half-marathon for about 3 months, which was about all the commitment my busy life could handle. I'm excited to run 3 or 4 10k's this summer!


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