Sunday, January 2, 2011

Delayed Honeymoon: Monday in Paris

Everyone told me before our trip that I was over thinking some things, and trying to fit too much into 4 days.  Well, I probably did try to cram too much into our short time there, but we had a fantastic time at each and every stop!

We left the Louvre and made the lengthy trek down the Champs to the Arc, which is at the farrrrrr end.  But first, a photo opportunity or two, because how many times are you really in Paris!

Kevin & I at the Louvre - you enter through the pyramid behind us!
There is a photo like this on dozens of family vacations, and my wedding.  There had to be one in France as well! It's the gymnast in me.

So, nothing better than spending a Monday afternoon at the Arc de Triomphe! This was one attraction we had not pre-purchased tickets for, so a short wait in line, under the street was necessary - I should mention, I had a hard time with the concept of the tunnel being under the street, but I guess it's the only way better than having thousands of tourists run across 8 lanes of traffic!

We had already seen the Arc at night, it was amazing to see
it during the day!! Up the 284, very tight, spiral steps - to the top! You can see in all directions, and it was a beautiful, if windy, day. 

 Oh, and I also found the house for when we retire in Paris. ha, like we could ever afford to even dream of living there! Anyway - check out this rooftop garden:

Then we each took the requisite photo of each other, and met some nice guys from NY and DC, who took a photo of us together! Thank goodness for friendly people, and obvious hats!

Kevo & The Eiffel Tower - on top of the Arc!

Kevin and I, good to know those rails were keeping us contained with all the wind!
Back to the always wonderful home of John & Stacy for a home cooked meal, relaxing night after a busy busy day.  We have quite a train ride and busy day planned in the gardens at Versailles for Tuesday!

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