Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Delayed Honeymoon: Tuesday at the Tower

To wake-up on a Tuesday morning, hop on the Metro, and take a quick ride to Versailles.  Wait, is this my life?  I must have pinched myself a dozen times - on the train ride, on the "walk" from the metro, in line for tickets, and walking through the gates.  *Note - I say "walk" because this was a sheer en masse avalanche of people from the train to the line.  I was a little nervous, so we made a side trip to Starbucks and let the crazy people go ahead*

These are the gates to Versailles (and the wonderful cobblestones)
The tour inside the mansion was gorgeous.  It's almost all self-guided, with signage, and is more along the lines of a museum than a tour.  The small details like the window latches below are standard throughout the home, and the small touches like these were all stunning.  Almost the entire first floor has floor to ceiling windows, that open onto the wrap-around style porch/patio.  Nevermind, just look at the beautiful picture.

 Next - out to the gardens! I think Kevin is meant to be a Florida boy, because the most exciting moment of the morning may have been his discovery of the palm tree below! So, a little creative camera placement and a self timer -
The flowers were of all varieties, colors, shapes, sizes.  In addition to the beautiful flowers were the varied size and location of the flower beds! On all sides of the walkways, around fountains, just stunning. 

Oh, and we had a little fun too!


Next, on to the highlight of Tuesday.  Yes, there was a highlight - even after Versailles! Can you guess where the photo below was taken? For those of you who have been here, can you tell me what the photo is of?
The Trocadero

Kevin & I - on the second level of the Eiffel Tower (with the track behind us)
I tried to find the photo of the track itself, it's around here on my hard drive somewhere - I'd love to go back and run a lap on the track.  Can you imagine, running on a track, looking up at the Eiffel Tower?  Some track team gets to do that every.single.day. Wow.  
The requisite photo in front of the Eiffel Tower - thank you stranger, I'll treasure this photo forever
 I likely made my husband crazy, and knew I was pushing my luck! So, one last photo from beneath the Eiffel Tower, before we walked to the Trocadero.  Just after dark, the twinkle lights came on.  And the non-emotional girl that I am, got teary.  It was a magical moment, sitting just yards from the Eiffel Tower, in the dark, watching it light up, with my wonderful husband.

<3 I Love My Life

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Delayed Honeymoon: Monday in Paris

Everyone told me before our trip that I was over thinking some things, and trying to fit too much into 4 days.  Well, I probably did try to cram too much into our short time there, but we had a fantastic time at each and every stop!

We left the Louvre and made the lengthy trek down the Champs to the Arc, which is at the farrrrrr end.  But first, a photo opportunity or two, because how many times are you really in Paris!

Kevin & I at the Louvre - you enter through the pyramid behind us!
There is a photo like this on dozens of family vacations, and my wedding.  There had to be one in France as well! It's the gymnast in me.

So, nothing better than spending a Monday afternoon at the Arc de Triomphe! This was one attraction we had not pre-purchased tickets for, so a short wait in line, under the street was necessary - I should mention, I had a hard time with the concept of the tunnel being under the street, but I guess it's the only way better than having thousands of tourists run across 8 lanes of traffic!

We had already seen the Arc at night, it was amazing to see
it during the day!! Up the 284, very tight, spiral steps - to the top! You can see in all directions, and it was a beautiful, if windy, day. 

 Oh, and I also found the house for when we retire in Paris. ha, like we could ever afford to even dream of living there! Anyway - check out this rooftop garden:

Then we each took the requisite photo of each other, and met some nice guys from NY and DC, who took a photo of us together! Thank goodness for friendly people, and obvious hats!

Kevo & The Eiffel Tower - on top of the Arc!

Kevin and I, good to know those rails were keeping us contained with all the wind!
Back to the always wonderful home of John & Stacy for a home cooked meal, relaxing night after a busy busy day.  We have quite a train ride and busy day planned in the gardens at Versailles for Tuesday!