Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Delayed Honeymoon: Tour de France

Good Morning Paris! Waking up in this beautiful, bustling city, was so exciting! A short walk to John & Stacy's Apartment was a great way to see a few blocks of the city and wake-up after our late night at the Arc! Oh, and we may have also walked past several team vehicles on our way...

Happy hubby and Team RadioShack's Bus
John & Stacy did Le Tour last year, and were great experienced tour guides.  I never would have imagined that we needed to be on the Champs by 10am, with towels, stools, reading material, and food! Thank goodness for friends, right? We rotated back and forth with John & Stacy, taking turns walking, shopping, getting food for the few hours while there wasn't any action.  Then, about 1pm, the sponsors parade comes through! Sponsors from the teams, best young rider sponsor, king of the mountains, etc all had multiple vehicles come through! I'm sure it's just more exposure for the sponsors, but it was great fun for the spectators as well!

Team Livestrong

Spectators on the Champs Elysees - 2 hours before race time

The racers do 7 laps on the Champs, and we were on the downhill side - about 2 feet from the riders! Oh yes, this was going to be an exciting afternoon.

<3 J

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