Thursday, December 23, 2010

Delayed Honeymoon: End of Le Tour & Day 3

The stools, as suggested by John & Stacy, were worth their weight in gold by the time the racers came through! Even 3, 4, 5 deep on the sidewalks, there was plenty of opportunity for wonderful photos when you were 2 feet above everyone else's heads! We took turns standing on the stool each lap - and it was worth it!

 After lap 6, we left our spot on the sidewalk and jog/walked to the low end of the Champs for a better vantage point for the final ceremonies! The stage faces one direction, and there is a very very large screen which faces the opposite direction for spectators.  Again, thanks to the stools, I was able to take some photos and really see what was going on!

A wonderful, long day - goodbyes to John & Stacy until the next morning, and Kevin and I were headed back to the hotel! We showered in the odd triangle shower, used the most awful smelling soap, and were starving!!! Dressed up for dinner, we headed back to the Champs to dine outside in Paris.  Nothing more romantic than that, right?

Well... almost.  Romantic to watch the sun set behind the Arc, but the hustle and bustle of the Champs isn't exactly what I had anticipated! Great food, wine, & company more than made up for it though!

Goodnight to Day 3, tomorrow we move to John & Stacy's apartment and start the two days of jam packed sight seeing!

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