Saturday, September 18, 2010

...My online journal

I always thought about a blog as a place where people just talked about themselves, and maybe that's why I always steared away from embracing them.  Or maybe it's because I spend enough time on the computer and didn't feel the need to be attached to my laptop at home as well.

Well, for better or worse, I'm rethinking that view.  I found 3 journals from high school while clearing out boxes from the loft.  Some of what I said was crazy, and boy I was quite the drama queen when it came to my friends and "boyfriends".  Yes, this requires quotes, because there were all kinds of "boys" involved.  Anyway, back to the online part - it was nice to be able to read what I thought, the things that I was concerned about, and the things that changed. 

So, plan for this blog, is to make it my online journal.  It may not always be exciting, and there will probably be several posts about our wedding, which now happened a year ago (OMG), our wonderful delayed honeymoon in France (where I took 2,000 photos), the half-marathon I am running in October, my wonderful husband, my interesting job, and any other randomness that may occur in my life.

I can't promise to post everyday, or every week, but let's see how it goes!

<3 J

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